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For more than 20 years, the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation has been dedicated to supporting women’s shelters and domestic violence prevention programs. We’ve helped thousands of abused women and children lead safer, happier and more hopeful lives.

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Violence Prevention Programs Funded


Why is it urgent to support women’s shelters and prevent domestic violence?



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Being a Commission Donor is a differentiator – it sets you apart because in appreciation of your clients’ trust in you, you make a donation to help other families in your community have a better life.


Share that you are a Commission Donor when meeting with potential buyers, put it in your listing presentations, remind clients of the gift you made after their transaction closes and be proud of the fact that you are helping bring safety and hope to those who need it most.


Demonstrate to your clients how you give back in a tangible way. A special logo, sign riders and client notecards are available for Commission Donors.

I have been a strong supporter and fundraiser for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation since its inception and have been personally involved with our local shelter over the years. I know first-hand about the great service they provide to women and children in need. Every community and neighbourhood needs this service.

Libby Broady  

Royal LePage Village

Beaconsfield, QC 

I started supporting the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation as a way to give back to the community. Rather than give closing gifts, I send a thank you letter to my clients letting them know that in appreciation of their business, I made a donation to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation with 100% going to our local shelter.

Frank VanDerBleek  

Royal LePage Noralta Real Estate

Edmonton, AB 

Being in the business of “shelter,” this cause spoke to me on a very personal level and I have felt both obligated and privileged to support our Foundation in several meaningful ways.

David Halls  

Royal LePage Royal City Realty, Brokerage 

Guelph, ON 

I do what I can – by making donations and running four fundraising ‘Marathons for Shelter’ – in order to fund services that help women feel empowered and able to leave violent relationships; give them a safe place to land; and provide them with hope that they can build a better life for themselves and their children.

– Barbara Ann Kisiloski

 Royal LePage Northstar Realty 

White Rock, BC 


I support the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation because I believe that everyone deserves a safe place to come home to. 

Tasha Medve

Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty

Victoria, BC


My profession allows me to find families their dream homes on a daily basis. Being able to help someone in need find a safe place to live, just seems to be the right thing to do which is why I donate to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. I know that 100% of my donations go to helping women and children in need.

Ian Angus

Royal LePage Atlantic

Halifax, NS


How much do I have to donate? 

That is up to you! As little as $10 or $20 per deal makes a difference, but you can certainly donate more. Many agents generously donate $50 or $100 each time they help a client buy or sell a home. You can start off with a lower amount and choose to increase your donation at any time. 

Do I get a tax receipt for my donations? 

Yes! We send out official charitable donation receipts by email in February for cumulative donations of $20+ made in the previous calendar year.

Shelters are important but what about preventing domestic violence from happening in the first place?

For 20 years, in addition to supporting women’s shelters, we’ve been dedicated to funding domestic violence prevention programs and anti-violence education. We were the founding philanthropic partner of The Fourth R, a school-based program that helps teenagers develop healthy relationships and avoid risky and abusive behaviours. We are a national partner of Canadian Women’s Foundation and a major funder of its Violence Prevention Grants program, supporting projects and organizations across the country that work to prevent intimate partner violence.

Where do my donations go? 

We partner each Royal LePage office with a women’s shelter in their community that helps women and children fleeing domestic violence. 100% of your donation is directed to your local shelter. Or, you can choose to split your donation 50/50 between your local shelter and domestic violence prevention and education programs that our foundation supports in every province. 

Can I use this with my personal branding efforts?

Definitely! In fact, we encourage you to do so! As a Commission Donor, you will receive a special “Proud Supporter” logo you can use on your business card, in your buyer/seller presentations and on your website. There is also artwork available to create sign riders, images for social media posts, and inserts you can include in thank you cards. It’s great to mention that you are a Commission Donor when you meet with existing or potential clients. 

How much of my donation goes to administration?

None! Royal LePage Canada covers the Shelter Foundation’s administrative and operating costs, so 100% of your donation goes to the cause. 



Thank you for signing up to be a Commission Donor. Your support makes a tremendous difference and will help families in your community who have been affected by domestic violence. To learn more, please visit us at

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

39 Wynford Drive, Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M3C 3K5

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Opportunities for young people to recognize, develop and nurture healthy relationships so they avoid abusive or controlling behaviours.


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You can create any structure you want by using the same tools as in the regular Brizy workflow. Add buttonsforms or any element you’d want.

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You can create any structure you want by using the same tools as in the regular Brizy workflow. Add buttonsforms or any element you’d want.

Support and Counselling

You can enable your local shelter to provide safety, support and counselling to help women heal from the traumatic effects of domestic violence. Counselling also builds  a woman’s self-esteem and confidence, which are often lacking when in an abusive relationship.

Employment Readiness

You can support your local shelter to provide a range of services to improve a woman’s employment situation, including training to improve her job search and interviewing skills. With stable employment, a woman has the ability to  financially support herself and her children.  

Helping Children to Heal

You can help your local shelter to provide counselling and support for children so they are able to overcome the negative effects of witnessing violence in the home. This means they will be less likely to repeat the pattern when they grow up.

Promoting Healthy Relationships

You can help support programs that provide opportunities for youth to recognize, develop and nurture healthy relationships so they avoid abusive or controlling behaviours. This includes healthy relationship programs delivered in schools.